Gradient skies

You can use the responsive, mobile-ready theme for this domain on your own website with self-hosted WordPress. The code for this repo is open source on Github; it’s a child theme for one of WordPress’ most popular default themes.

Download or clone the repo on Github.

Allison House captures the simplicity of design in beautiful ways, especially with gradients.

allison house instagram
Visit Allison’s quickly growing body of work through her Instagram, Vine or Facebook. If you’d like to learn more about design and code, consider purchasing her fantastic training series on HTML & CSS development at

Mel Choyce is a software engineer in Boston who inspired me to create this theme with her post from 2015, Gradient Sky.

Browse and take your time choosing your favorite fonts from any source your budget affords including open source, “free” options like Google Fonts.

Background gradient .pngs

Upload these through the WordPress Customizer under the “Header Image” section. Select the “Randomize uploaded headers” button. 

Right-click, 2 finger tap or tap and hold to download and insert the gradients below on any device. These are two-tone gradients, easily recreated in Photoshop or in another app. Apply their full-color voluminousness wherever you want a little more 💖 in your life.

Find further inspiration for gradients at UI Gradients.